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Why Butterflies?

As a child I remember having to sit in the pew while our parents went to communion. This wasn’t the practice of just our family, rather it was a practice of our congregation. I remember when this changed in the late 80’s or early 90’s

As a teenager I found myself noticing that everything happened up in the altar space of the church, and the overall feeling was a disconnect and a lack of being challenged to live a life of faith. Church was something that you went to, not something that you lived.

Then a new pastor came, by this time I was a young adult, and I experienced worship in a different way. It was worship that engaged the senses, challenged and fed me, and required of me to live my faith not just be a passive observer.

All this is to say that is why there are butterflies, to remind us of death and resurrection,  for Easter; or plants in the windows in the summer to remind us that in the summer we are to continue growing if faith, just as the seeds planted in the soil spend the summer growing; or lights, trees and nativity sets at Christmas. These things are not necessary to worship, but I hope that they draw you into worship, and along with scripture and song they draw you into deeper faith. In turn these things call you in, fill you up, and send you out into the world to live your faith.

May the Spirit stir with in you, call you to action, and give you rest.


Pastor Jason

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Rev. Jason Clifton / Cell (651) 494-2036 /

Wanted!: Special music for the summer months! If you have a song you would be willing to share at a summer service, please contact Jason for scheduling.  Jean and Louise are both available for accompaniment needs.

Draft Minutes – May 8, 2019 meeting of Our Savior’s Church Council

Meeting called to order by at 6:36 p.m.

Council Members Present: Pastor Jason Clifton, Amanda Kaunonen, Carson Kaunonen, Christine Hensolt, Braydon Larson, Jeff Lowney, Erin Murphy, Mark Stensvold

Council Members Absent: Pepe Curphy, Tracey Walt

Devotion by Pastor Jason

Minutes from April Meeting: Motion to approve by Braydon,  second by Erin. Passed on a voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion to place on file by Jeff, second by Christine. Passed on a voice vote.

Trustee’s Report:. Back hallway has been painted, new handrails installed. Motion sensing front lights installed. Much cleaning and organizing of office has recently occured.

Deacons and Pastor’s Report: VBS planning is underway. Tonight was the last night of confirmation. Sunday school will end for the year May 19. Easter and confirmation went well. May 19 will see recognition of Sunday School teacher, a Sunday school program and new members reception. Pastor Jason will be at the Festival of Homiletics next week. He has presided at nine funerals so far this year. Six were for members.

New Business:

  • Pastor Jason moved that we appoint Carson Kaunonen to the Council. Seconded by Jeff. Passed on a voice vote.
  • We discussed removing the pine trees in front of the church. Motion by Mark. Second by Erin to get three estimates on complete removal. We will discuss with the congregation.
  • Motion by Pastor Jason to buy gifts for Sunday School teachers to a total of $90. Second by Carson. Passed on a voice vote.
  • Copier needs repair. We will have it repaired and get quotes on a printer scanner to replace it when it becomes too expensive to fix. Erin has a copier that we can use.
  • We are making an effort to increase the use and coordinate planning of Thrivent action team money.

Old Business

Sanctuary Task Force has met and discussed many ideas. They will meet again in the summer. We are looking first at replacing the entry doors and will get an estimate of costs.

Devotions for June: Tracey Walt

Motion by Carson to adjourn at 7:43 p.m.    Next meeting June 12, 2019

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